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“My healing sessions with Nicole are nothing short of life changing.

I’ve worked with Nicole for years now and every time I experience energy work with her, I am completely blown away. Nicole is so gifted, she can feel and see parts of you that are difficult to access & know exactly what your body & subconscious are seeking. You are an active part of the session, you work together to uncover the roots of what’s present for you & showing up in your life actively. 

She holds such an incredibly nurturing & safe container for you that you can really truly open up & dive deep into emotions, wounds & layers of yourself with her guidance.


I go into sessions with her uncertain of what’s causing me stress or dysregulation & feeling foggy, and I always leave with clarity, self-love, & feeling deeply seen & tended to.  Each session I am guided to wounds that were causing not only mental & emotional blocks, but physical discomfort in my body too.


I’ve worked with several healers, and what is unique about Nicole is that she truly puts you in a place where you are the healer of yourself. She guides you in being your own medicine so beautifully, rather than presenting as her being the all powerful healer. She meets you exactly where you are at & allows you to see yourself & your struggles with so much love, compassion & new awareness.


You'll walk away with more tools to support yourself in navigating what’s going on for you & feel reborn every time.  Thank you so much Nicole. Working with you has been the most supportive & transformative experience on my healing journey. “


'Ive been seeing Nicole for several years now. She's helped me get through tough times, she's guided me when I've felt lost, she's taught me the skills to live my best life and she's celebrated with me when I succeed. Nicole is the real deal! She is one of the most authentic, genuine, gifted and beautiful souls I've ever met. I'm so grateful that she is in my life.'


'My experience with Nicole is one I cherish and share with all who will listen. What started as a personal Natal Chart and led to a Tarot and Energy Healing Sessions, I was slowly able to renew my mindset, energy and self awareness. I find her work extremely valuable and important for any human being. She's full of experience and a calmness that always make you feel at ease. Her knowledge about this work comes through in how dedicated she is to her practise and how thorough she is. With each session and reading, Nicole answered questions I never knew I had. She digs below the surface and brings forward healing in a safe environment. I was able to do all my sessions remotely (two provinces away) through the phone and it never felt disconnected. The communication with Nicole is excellent and she uses language that is understandable and relatable. I highly recommend her and her practices.'


'Working with Nicole the last 5 weeks has helped me shift so many emotional, mental and physical ailments in my life. She is a beautiful soul that is helping me on such a deep level to release my past and step forward into the woman I am today. Guiding me into being the best version of myself. She has no judgement, she is compassionate and magical. I highly recommend Nicole's Energy Healing to anyone that feels they have weight or blocks holding them down. She helps with a full heart, easy to talk to, and makes you feel comfortable to open up when you are ready.'


'I am a fairly new client of Nicole's, I've been seeing her once a week for Energy Healing, for four weeks. The changes that have taken place mentally are more than I've EVER experienced doing anything else! For the first time in my life I am able to see clearly the things that are blocking, and holding me back from being the best version of myself and from truly healing emotionally. The work that she does is truly powerful and WORKS. In a short period of time, with the help of Nicole, I feel grounded, more focused, I have become a little softer and find myself enjoying things in my life that have taken a back seat for too long. If I had to choose one word to describe Nicole I would say she is nothing short of inspiring. Her energy is infectious, she is easy to talk to and makes you feel safe in her practise of healing. Grateful doesn't come close to how I feel about crossing paths with her! I would highly recommend her to anyone for basically any reason! I guarantee, you'll be glad you met her too!!


'I find Nicole to be the go-to healer. She is young, modest, startlingly gifted and talented. And dedicated! Nicole's path seems to have stemmed from her own incredible healing journey which makes her authentic. She knows what she's doing and why she's doing it. She's a well-tuned and intelligent instrument. For all the subtle aspects involved and the uncommonly known techniques she employs, there is nothing ungrounded about Nicole. She is solid, normal, simple basic goodness, absolutely present and in touch with you and what your systems are revealing. She works with ease, fluidity, is efficient and practical. I am a 'sensitive' person and I find I can relax with Nicole. I trust her and our sessions are always a dialogue. You are an active participant in this work, as healing needs be. I have never felt for a second that I was not safe or not in control in her sessions, your input is always asked for first and then the exploration begins. Nicole tunes into whatever is pertinent for the place you are in and she does not rely on your story or history to tell her. She can tell you a lot about you - you'll be amazed. Nicole is supernaturally gifted, naturally grounded and delightfully professional. Distance or phone sessions are just as effective as the ones in person, and actually I find it positively reinforcing as I integrate shifts in my own environment, eliminating a potential tendency to associate the new energy with a new but foreign place.


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