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Resourced & Resilient /June 12th

Resourced & Resilient /June 12th

Full Launch: June 12th (all content will be availble on June 12th)

I know you are ready to be Resourced & Resilient. 


What does that mean exactly? 


Being resourced means cultivating a whole connection to yourself and your systems. Throughout this program you will learn how to attune to what your body is communicating so that the next right steps can be taken. In order to make change of any kind, we must be resourced. 


Resiliency comes when we are well resourced. Meaning, you are not going to 'healed' after this program (because being 'healed' is NOT real) but it DOES mean that you will be guided through the process of expanding what you ARE able to hold, feeling through what no longer needs to be active and ultimately journeying through the healing process. This process, makes you resilient. 


Throughout this container you will become Resourced & Resilient so that you can be the most magnetic, embodied, clear, on fire, open and attuned version of yourself. 


Week 1: Intro to Somatics & Resourcing

Week 2: Magnetism, Somatic Manifesting & Capasity Shifting

Week 3: Somatic Expressions, Interweaves & Disconnections

Week 4: Reprocessing

Week 5: Attachment Strategies, Completing The Cycle


  • 5 Pre Recorded Lectures 
  • Somatic Video Practises 
  • Live Support
  • Self Paced
  • Forever Access
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